Royal Oak Prawn Cocktail – £6.95
Traditional prawn cocktail with a twist 

Royal Oak Fish & Chips – £9.50

Sustainable Fish in Beer Batter and hand cut chips fresh tartare sauce pea puree


Greens – £2.00 
Creamed Mash – £2.50
Hand Cut Chips – £3.75
House Slaw – £2.75


Fresh selection of desserts
Continental cheese board with a selection of fresh coffee and tea.
Raspberry panna cotta, crème brulee, sticky toffee pudding.
Ice Cream priced individually

Soup of the day & crusty bread – £5.25
Freshly made soup with crusty bread

Deep fried Halloumi with capers & lime vinaigrette – £5.25
Deep fried cheese with a luscious vinaigrette dressing

Warm Mackerel salad with feta – £7.25
Feta cheese with smoked mackerel fillets on a bed of leaves

Smoked Salmon & poached egg salad – £5.95
Smoked salmon on a bed of leaves with a poached egg


Rump Steak & pepper sauce – £13.25
Grilled steak with peppercorn sauce with purple broccoli green beans

Royal Oak Burger – £9.95
Fresh beef mince burger, brioche bun, fresh salad, chips & house slaw

Royal Oak Scotch egg – £7.95
Homemade Scotch egg served with garlic mayonnaise & tomato sauce

Curried Lamb Chop & Saag Aloo potatoes – £5.95
Lamb chops marinated in curry seasoning, with curried potatoes & spinach

Vegetarian Quiche – £7.25
Roasted vegetables in a pastry case served with house salad & deep fried aubergines 

Liver & Bacon, Sausage Grill – £10.95
Rich liver, crispy pancetta & succulent fresh sausages in onion gravy 

Sauté Guinea Fowl & mushroom fries – £11.95
Breast of guinea fowl with fried mushroom & tomato


Snack Menu

Served between 12-6pm
Tuesday to Saturday
Royal Oak Caesar Salad – £6.45
Served with succulent chicken (Add £2)

Macaroni Cheese with Salad – £5.25
Macaroni cooked in a cheese sauce served with house salad

Warm Mackerel salad with feta – £7.25
Feta cheese with smoked mackerel fillets on a bed of leaves

Classic Meat Balls with Garlic Bread – £4.95
Classic Italian meatballs with Fresh Pasta

Vegetarian Spring Rolls with deep fried vegetables – £5.45
Mixed olives, tossed croutons, courgette fritters & pickled vegetables

Sticky Ribs & House Slaw – £5.50
sauce roasted ribs with house slaw

Bacon with peppers on a toasted Ciabatta – £5.45
This dish can vary daily, served with slaw & tortilla chips

Ask your waiter for the specials on the menu

Opening Hours

12pm - 3pm
6pm - 11pm

12pm - 11pm